Monday, October 15, 2012

Unlimited Airplane Rides and the Never Ending Popcorn. Fall fun Wright style.

The biggest,  or best advertised,  pumpkin patch around here is the Country Mercantile.  We hadn't gone yet this year until Dad's work rented it out last Friday for employees and their families.   The past few years, we've gone there four years now, they've added a few carnival rides which are open in the afternoon evening-  our kids love those things so we went.  Part of our admission included unlimited rides,  popcorn and drinks.  The place has four carnival rides,  a pumpkin patch, cut outs for taking pictures,  a petting zoo,  two hay bale pyramid structures to climb on and a hay bale maze.  This was the first time we've gone in the evening.  In spite of chance of  rain and wind the kids had a ball and we were there the entire time!  
They loved this ride!  The rider could control whether the plane was higher or lower as it went around.  About the 20th ride Tommy figured out that if you pull the stick down and then shove it quickly up you could make the plane bounce. 

This ride was so old.  I'm pretty sure that the seatbelts it had were retrofitted later. 

The boys on a little roller coaster.  They did it twice.  Rachel did it once and said, "scary." 

More airplane ride.  It was the first and last thing they did!

Funny picture taking cutout. 

The second time the boys were by themselves and they sat in the middle.  The operator came and put sandbags in the other seats.  I was about to jerk them off the ride but Aaron said it was fine....

The boys were the perfect age for this.  Daddy took Rachel.  That's her purple hood at the top. 

We had so much fun.  Last year Rachel was too small and didn't like the animals or walking in the pumpkin patch.  This year they all had a good time.   I had to laugh when we left,  we got on the highway behind a truck that sprayed corn silage all over our car.  How Eastern Washington is that?  Our admission should have included a car wash!

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